Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dr. Oz's Elimination Diet

There is a Number One absolute rule about starting a hypoallergenic elimination diet.  I know this, because I am a veterinarian and weekly try to talk my clients into running a hypoallergenic food trial on their allergic dog or cat.  I would guess that no matter how much I beg them to stick with the diet, probably only about 25% ever strictly complete it.  The true number is probably way less, since people lie so often to their vets on compliance issues.  Maybe it's only 5 or 10%.  They aren't lying because they are bad people; I don't think that at all.  But, it's so hard to stick to it, especially if you are constantly trying to keep all the other aspects of life in check.  There simply may not be enough time in the day to make sure that Fido is staying out of Fluffy Kitty's Meow Mix, and Junior is always dropping cheddar cheese Goldfish crackers from his highchair.  So, that is what brings me to the Number One rule: obey the elimination diet, without fail.  Just a crumb, just a taste of the offending item can trigger the allergic attack.  Ironically, if you are lucky, the attack will be severe enough to make you realize, "Hey! I messed up here!".  Then, you can take a step back, take your steroids, and start again.  But, I think most of the time, the antigen is not enough to fully wake you up to the mistake you have made.  Maybe your dog's skin just stays a little itchy.  In the end, nothing is severe enough to make you realize that your dog has continued to ingest the offending antigen all along, and you finish up by stating, "Hey, Doc!  Your food trial didn't work.  I guess Fido isn't allergic to beef like you said he is."  All this, and Fido's and Fluffy Kitty's food all arrives in a pre-packaged bag (although an expensive one); all you have to do is pour. 
People appear to be a little different.  I just can't open up the bag and eat from it.  I guess I should be thankful that I get some variety, although the chore of trying to eliminate all possible offending items while maintaining ingestion of all important nutrients seem to be a bit of a challenge.  Even worse, is that constant need to write down what I ate, how I felt, what it was like to use the toilet.  Just the thought of over-analyzing everything in a little journal makes me squirm.  And, when I am uncomfortable, I want to vent.  In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm starting a food trial...tonight.  The food trial does not really come from Dr.Oz.  I just like him, and I see that he has recommended elimination diets in the past on his show.  Somehow, it makes the decision to start one a little easier.  There is a quiet excitement to it, like we might really learn something through this that could directly impact our lives for the better.  He seems so friendly.

So, as I eat my Last Donut (from Dunkin - strawberry jelly with a regular sugar coating), I can just say that this blog is a gift to all of my 178 Facebook "friends".  I will spare you my venting.  My venting I am sure will be read by no one, quietly floating around in the quiet anonymity of cyber space.  Just for me to read, and record, my daily progress.

For now, we won't think about Rule #2: don't start elimination diets during the holidays.
       With Joy,

Day 1: started at 9:00 pm
Food for the day: 7:00 am Life cereal with coconut milk. 
                           10:15 am Feel sorry for myself Dove milk chocolate
                           11:30 am Shoot!  I wasted 1 hour and 15 minutes feeling sorry for myself.  Now, I have to eat this stupid bologna, American cheese, Ritz cracker Lunchable because my job interview is in 30 minutes.  Ooh!  It came with Sour Patch Kids.  Did not drink the Capri Sun (what's in those anyway?)
                           5:00pm Trader Joe's flat pizza.  Boston cream pie yogurt
                           8:30 pm  Last Donut (see abovc)
Medication:  1st day of methylprednisolone sodium succinate (my body is going to love this one), Prosed TID, amitryptilline, vagifem
Tomorrow:  For real Day 1 of Diet trial.  4 chosen foods: Lamb, pear, carrots, sweet potato.  I hate sweet potatoes.

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